Jerome and Sharon Schmideberg, Santa Clara

"Recently I asked Mei to place my home of 30 years on the market. She was very friendly and professional and encouraged me to do some repairs and staging. This was so we could get the best results when we have our house opened. After 10 days we had an offer on our home. She went over details of the offers and gave us professional advice and suggested that it was a very good one. So we accepted it and our wonderful home of 30 years were sold in just 10 days. I would recommend Mei to anyone. Because selling a home can be stressful and she has the expertise to help you through it."

Dr. and Mrs. Maw-shung Liu, Taiwan

"Mei, thank you very much for your professional services and personnel help on the successful bid for a Montebello two bedroom condo. Without your services including arrangement for a temporary financing, it would not be possible for us to win the bi. We realize with the market as hot as this, without an experienced and skillful agent like you to assist us we would be lost again. We are very grateful to be able to fulfill our wish in finding an ideal place for our retirement. Thanks again for your kindness and help."

Kenneth Chan, North San Jose

"Dear Mei, I just want to thank you so much for your expertise and help in selling my two houses. I have nod doubt in recommending you to my friends and family."

Dr. and Mrs. Bireswar and Jayanti Patnaik, North San Jose

"We are glad that we saw your for sale and called you. We trusted already on our first meeting. You were professional, knowledgeable, and courteous and listened to our needs. Thank you for all the advice you gave before we even put our home on the market and helping us to arrange for the works o be done. You have been with us all the way and explained everything very well. Thank you for doing a superb job for us in negotiation and sold our house for a price that is the highest among the houses sold in our neighborhood."

Monica Quon, Santa Clara

"Thank you, Mei, for selling my house. I was comfortable with you from the moment I met you and you explained the whole process very well. Selling a home and moving is stressful in the best of circumstances, but when unforeseen events happened, you were there to take care of everything and put me at ease. I was amazed at your ability to handle any situation large and small. You are truly a professional and exceeded my expectations. Thank you, thank you!"

Edward Sy and Alyssa Miller, Cambrian San Jose

"The housing market in the Bay Area is very competitive. Mei helped us navigate through our first home buying experience with ease. Her strong real estate business acumen along with people skills make her an outstanding realtor. Though we were first-time home buyers, Mei communicated clearly and walked us through every step of the process. She spent countless hours during weekends (and even weeknights) to look at houses we were interested in. After an offer on our dream home was accepted, Mei helped us close in less than 30 days – simply amazing! She made our first home buying experience educational and enjoyable. We absolutely love our new home – big thanks to Mei! We highly recommend Mei to anyone looking for a home in the Bay Area."

Jason Fung, Santa Clara

"Thank you so much for working hard for me and guide me to the smooth purchase, even at this difficult market. Thank you!!! Do jet!!! Gracias!! Xie xie ni!! Gahm uhm!!"

Jaime and Barbara Tolentino, North Valley, San Jose

"At the completion of the rather complicated sale of our home, we would like to commend Mei Chan for the professionalism and commitment to her job that she showed as our agent. We dealt with a slow market and some difficult buyers. We have learned from this experience that there are agents (and clients) that are not nearly as scrupulous and we admire the integrity that Mei showed throughout the sale. In our mind, there is much more to being a good agent than just getting the sale. We wanted to work with someone whom we could respect, trust, and who could give us sound advice and communicate with us well. Fortunately, Mei was such an agent. We want to thank Mei for everything she has done during this sale and commend Mei on her excellent services. Thank you, Mei."

Zhihao Peng, Mountain View

"Mei is my realtor agent that had helped me to purchase my dream house. I strongly like all the services she provided. Not only she works hard and always responds to my questions promptly, she also helps me to clarify things that I am not quite familiar even after buying the house. I would recommend her to all my friends."

Pastor and Mrs. W. Y. Fu, Almaden Valley, San Jose

"Thank you so much for your help in selling our house while we already moved to Hong Kong. We are so thankful to have you to help us to walk through the whole process. We appreciate very much your kindness, patience, and professionalism. Indeed you honor God with all your being. May God continue to bless you and keep you! May he continue to make his face shine upon you!"

Man and Yolanda Che, North San Jose

"Mei’s services are beyond excellent. She handled all our real estate transactions. She is very dedicated to each transaction regardless the dollar amount of the transaction. She is always available to answer our questions, whether it is 8 am or 9pm at night. Above all, you can always trust her advice. In our most recent transaction, she helped us to get our house ready for the market which was a huge plus as we both work and have a young child. When there were a few glitches for the buyer to obtain the loan at the beginning, she worked closely with the buyer’s loan agent to ensure the transaction would close on time. She took care of all the problems and we had nothing to worry about. In this market, Mei is definitely your go to person. We will definitely recommend Mei’s services without any hesitation. In fact, she helped my brother to buy a house too."

Dr. Chien Liu, Cupertino

"Mei just helped us complete our recent transaction in the last several years. I was helping my parents buying a condo in Cupertino for their retirement. It is an incredible difficult market for buyers. Mei knew all the nuances and strategies and helped us win our bid. Without her knowledge, experience, and connections, we would still be looking. Our thanks to Mei – could not have done it without you!"

Ivan and Amy Tong, Milpitas

"Thank you for your help on buying and selling our houses. You went the extra miles and made this process a lot easier, especially when I was out of the country. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job for us."

Dodi Gaines, Gaines Capitol, Cupertino

"Beginning, transgressing through, and closing an escrow in this constantly challenging and changing real estate market does require the utmost in experience and professionalism. As a long time real estate investor and broker, I did have the pleasure of having Mei Chan represented her buyers in purchasing a property that I owned. Like many sellers in today’s market, I have experienced a lot of tribulation in the selling process. To my delight, Mei presented an attractive and sincere offer to me that resulted in smooth escrow that closed in three weeks. Indeed, I would certainly recommend Mei with her “win-win” approach to anyone desiring to sell or purchase property. I am sure you will have the same successful experience I had."

Nelson and Pauline Poon, Saratoga

"There are no other words to express our appreciation to your diligent work. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

Srinivas Poosapati, Santa Clara

"As a first time buyer, our knowledge about the process of buying a house was minimal. Mei walked us through each step and went out of her way to make sure the entire process was to our best interest. Her extensive knowledge in her field was very helpful she was patient and professional in helping us select the home. She diligently assisted us with the paperwork, explaining all necessary details along the way. Overall, our home-buying is a priority to her, and we will definitely seek her expertise in our future real estate ventures. Thank you Mei! We are so lucky to have you as our agent."

Philip and Denise Lau, Union City

"Mei was very helpful in the sale and purchase of our homes. She kept us informed throughout the whole process by explaining each step. She understood our needs and gave us good advice accordingly. Mei’s attention to details gave us confidence in her abilities. She was proactive in contacting other realtors, resulting in multiple potential buyers of our home. Mei provided excellent service and our overall experience with her was very pleasant."

James Truscott, Sunnyvale

"You are an excellent real estate agent. You did a great job in selling my house and helping me buy my next house. Real estate is like a chess game with you, you are always two or three moves ahead. I will definitely recommend you to my friends or family if they are buying or selling a house."

Gloria Lee, Sunnyvale

"I first worked with Mei when I purchased my first home almost 10 years ago. Throughout the years, Mei has become my trusted advisor in all things real estate, ranging from something as big as real estate transactions to small random questions on home repairs. Mei is a person of utmost honesty and integrity. Her knowledge of the real estate market is beyond question and her negotiation skills are superb. Mei’s expertise is especially evident in this downturn market – she recently helped me sell a townhouse in 2 weeks at the highest price while 3 other townhouses in the same complex were on the market at the same time. Mei also always takes the time to understand my needs and tailors her service accordingly, many times going way above and beyond her call of duty. When I work with Mei, I know I will be well taken care of, or even pampered. I highly recommend Mei without reservation."

June Steele, Sunnyvale

"Dear Mei, thank you for all the work and time you gave me in finding my house. Thank you for being so thoughtful and going out of your way to help me. I greatly appreciate all your efforts. Thank you for treating me like a friend while always looking out for my best interests."

Carl and Irenea Starks, San Jose

"Thanks a lot for selling the house on Port Way for us. You helped us in getting the best price and finding a good buyer in a very short time. That has helped us a great deal in fulfilling our plan to retire. We would like to thank you for working so diligently in holding our house open, screening the buyers and handling all the details when an offer finally came. We were just amazed at the amount of hard work and time hat you have put in so that we did not have to worry about anything on the transaction. Thanks again and we wish you well!"

Rev. Peter Tow, Almaden Valley, San Jose

"When we moved from Fresno to San Jose, one of our major concerns was to find an honest and reliable realtor who will be able to answer the many questions which we have as well as help us find a house that will meet our budget and needs. As we have bad experiences dealing with realtors in the past, we were hoping that our next realtor will act professional and be helpful. Our house hunting experience in San Jose has been a pleasant one, mainly because of our Realtor, Mei Chan. Mei knows her market well and was always ready to give her honest opinion concerning the properties which we looked at. Her counsel was very helpful, although we were ready to purchase, she was not pushy. In fact, she worked at our pace and allowed us time to consider other homes. When we were serious about buying the house which we are now residing, she spent much time communicating and negotiating with the owner in Michigan. When it was time for us to shop for a loan, she helped us find a good mortgage company. After we bought the house, she continued to be very helpful and made sure everything was alight. This is the third time we have bought a house and I should say this is the first time my wife and I are truly pleased working with a realtor who is not merely interested in making a quick buck. Because Mei does care for her clients and is a reliable and capable relator, my wife and I have recommended our friends to her without any reservation."

Ky Duong

"I am writing to let you know that I and my two brothers were very impressed with the purchase of our 3 new homes. The way you treated us was very nice and friendly and we liked that very much. You answered all the questions that we had and were always very patient with us and you showed a lot of professionalism. Even though there were so minor problems with the transactions but you were always there to handle them. We just want to say once again that we appreciate the excellent job that you have done for us. Thank you very much, Mei!"

Alex and Dolly Acosta, San Jose

"Dear Mei, we want to thank you of helping us to sell our house and to move up to the better one that we are currently living in. We were especially impressed by how thoroughly you helped us to prepare the property for the open-house and getting a qualified buyer quickly. Most importantly, we appreciate the fact that you stood by us throughout the time that the purchase of our new home was in the courts being decided. Other agents in the same situation would probably just give up and not wanting to fight for us. The continuous support that you provided not only helps us getting what was rightfully ours but also making the whole process a lot easier for us to endure. Thanks again!"

Tsung-Wen Lee, Milpitas

"I am writing this letter to thank you for your help on purchasing a rental property. Overall I am satisfied with this transaction and believe that is a fair deal. But being a prudent buyer I felt myself in many situations over-demanding. However, your patience and considerations really made the process a delightful journey. Now I understand how much efforts you have put in to smooth out eh transaction. It vividly demonstrates that you are excellent in your profession. Thank you very much and I wish you a very successful New Year."

Won Lee, Almaden Valley, San Jose

"I would like to thank Mei for her help and effort to buy our new house and also sell old house too. I also appreciate your concern after the whole processes, and will recommend you to my friends and relatives when they are going to sell or buy houses because my wife and I were really satisfied and impressed with what you have done. Thanks again."

Michael Michel, North San Jose

"We would like to thank Mei for her efforts in closing the sale of our home on Waltham Drive. Although Mei represented the buyers on this transaction, we, as the sellers, were nevertheless impressed with your enthusiasm, integrity and knowledge which carried us through the escrow and made it a pleasant one. We hope, and are sure, that your buyers were just as happy as we were about your work. Thanks again!"

Tony Prohaska, Raleigh, North Carolina

"I wanted to write and thank you for the superb job that you did in helping me in to sell my condominium!! It was indeed comforting to have you heading up my team – especially once I had left the area to start my new job. Though you provided extensive real estate knowledge and experience, I was really even more impressed with your attitude of total service quality, honesty, and amiability. Anytime one has to handle a real estate transaction – especially as the seller – there are unavoidable stresses, but you truly made it as painless as it possibly can be. Thank you so much for all of your help!"

Estrella R. , North San Jose

"I am very happy with sale of my house on Junewood Avenue. I was especially impressed by the fact that you were able to accomplish in one month’s time what my last real estate agent could not do in six months, which was to find a buyer and close the sale to everybody’s satisfaction. You work very hard to prepare the house and presented it to the buyers in a professional way, which I believe made the difference in getting the house sold quickly. I would not hesitate to recommend you to my friends when they are ready to buy or sell real estate properties. Thank you very much!"

Judy and Wilson Woo, Cupertino

"Dear Mei, thank you very much for helping us to buy and sell these 2 houses. We must say that you are “more than perfect” in the whole process. Please accept our deepest gratitude."

Adam and Eve Yu, North San Jose

"We would like to recommend Ms. Mei Chan for your excellent services as a real estate agent. Her professional knowledge, experience, enthusiasm, and sensitivity had built her solid foundation of success and earned trust and reputation from all her clients. Her patience, consistence, persistence, courteous manner, and intelligence are all what the clients needed to entrust her on selling and buying their properties. With the help of Mei, we bought a Shapell Tri-level house at a very good price and we sold our old house smoothly in the current sluggish market. It would be our pleasure to refer Mei to all of our friends."

Tom Oliver, Bakersfield

"I would like to compliment Mei for the excellent job you have done, in handling the sale of my rental property in San Jose on North 18th Street. I am very impressed by how fast you obtained your sale (I actually thought it would take much longer in this tough market). Your inputs in preparing the house and your knowledge of the market certainly played a big role in us obtaining a good offer! In addition, I appreciate your efforts in coordinating the repairs done, and keeping me updated on the loan process, while the house was vacant and I was out of town. It was a pleasure doing business with you. I would recommend you to all my friends. – Thank you for making it easy."

Hector and Nanette Vidales, San Jose

"Mei provided us with outstanding services in selling of our home and the purchase of our new home. She worked diligently with us to sell our house, and did so within a tow month period. The transaction went smoothly. On the buying end, she worked with us through 5 offers, all of which were difficult and unusual transactions. She made herself available at all hours of the day to us. We really appreciated our willingness to be so flexible with these fussy buyers. We finally ended up purchasing a home, which was also a very complicated purchase. Mei always was very patient and so accommodating throughout the whole transaction. Mei was also very honest, extremely professional and exceptionally diligent. We really appreciate it."

Marilyn Riddell, Milpitas

"I am writing in regards to the excellent service we received from Mei Chan representing us as our agent in selling our home and purchasing another. I met her on a Sunday afternoon as I casually toured an open house. When I returned a second time later in the day we talked more about my plans. She immediately found a home that matched my personality and went to work on the details of arranging to put my home on the market and secure the one I intended to buy. Mrs. Chan is a very dedicated Realtor and takes a personal interest in every aspect of meeting her client’s needs. I would highly recommend her to friends and acquaintances."

S Ramachandran, San Jose

"Working with Mei was a real pleasure. She was extremely professional and informative about the whole process which can be a nightmare! I found her very straight forward, easy-going and trusted her implicitly to do what was best for me. In addition to being immensely knowledgeable and experienced, she is a wonderful person. Her personal attention, knowledge of areas and real estate, negotiating skills and “can-do” attitude are admirable. Mei, thank you again for all the hard work. I could not have asked for a better buying experience. I will recommend you to everyone I know."

Hardev Singh, Cupertino

"Working with Mei was a real pleasure. She was extremely professional and informative about the whole process which can be a nightmare! I found her very straight forward, easy-going and trusted her implicitly to do what was best for me. In addition to being immensely knowledgeable and experienced, she is a wonderful person. Her personal attention, knowledge of areas and real estate, negotiating skills and “can-do” attitude are admirable. Mei, thank you again for all the hard work. I could not have asked for a better buying experience. I will recommend you to everyone I know."

James and Judith Morales, San Jose

"We just closed our third transaction with Mei. In the past, Mei has sold our resident home and helped us to purchase the home we currently live in. We were then looking to invest in a property that we could use as a care home. Not only did Mei work diligently to look for a property that suited our needs, but she did a great job negotiating and following up throughout the escrow period. She always looked after our best interests by suggesting the fair thing to do, and then solving the problems before they became a burden to us. The transaction was peaceful and smooth.

I have to say that we have been involved with different agent through a course of time, but we have found the experience with these other agents very stressful.We are very pleased with Mei and she is an excellent real estate agent. We will definitely come to her for any of our further business. We will also be recommending her to all our friends who may need assistance in the future."

Joe and Veronica Ng, San Jose

"Thank you so much in helping us to sell the house quickly and at such a high price. It totally exceeds our expectations. Your professionalism plays a key role in this transaction. Thank you for making all arrangements to get our house ready for the market. Thank you for working closely with the buyer’s agent to assure no surprises and a smooth transaction. Much appreciated."

Paul Tjahjadi and Debra Lau, Saratoga

"Thank you so much for your all of your help in our home search. You are professional, responsive, and pleasant to work with. At no point did we feel pushed or rushed and you always answered our questions."

Hawa Akbarzad, Fremont

"Thank you so much for spending so much time with us and explaining everything. I really don’t know much about Real estate. The way you explained everything is very helpful – step by step. My whole family felt at ease. Thank you for your time."

Dr. and Mrs. James and Teresa Chu, Cupertino

"We have worked with several other real estate professionals in the past, but Mei easily surpasses them all. She is the consummate real estate professional – her attention to details, savvy professionalism, congenial personality, wealth of contracts, and incisive strategy – clearly put us (and our house) at a great advantage on the market. Even though the real estate market was “softening,” with many houses sitting for longer and longer periods of time. With Mei’s guidance and advice, we got incredible results! Mei was able to get more than 6 offers, and a selling price that was not only tens of thousands over the asking price, but it was also the highest recorded sales price in our complex. From her highly effective listing strategy, to her determined and target marketing, to her facilitating the final close of escrow, Mei provided us with a totally stress-free house selling experience. We would not hesitate to use her services with our future real estate transactions, and we have been singing her praises to all our friends!"

Arun Ramamoorthy and Deepa Raman, Milpitas

"Thanks Mei for a neat and professional execution of our house selling process. We felt very comfortable with you right from the beginning and were very impressed with how quickly you were able to understand and assess our needs and come up with a plan to carry out the process. Your experience was clearly reflected in the way you got the property ready and presented and listed the house, your meticulous follow up with all the prospective buyers and your knowledge of the market. Your detailed answers to all our questions reflect how prompt, carrying and precise you are. Thanks for keeping us informed constantly and also educating us when necessary. We are very pleased with your services and wish a lot more people benefit from it."

Jaqueline and Justin Lei, Sunnyvale

"Mei was our realtor to purchase our first house six years ago. A few months ago, she helped us to sell that house and purchased another one. This speaks for itself of how great Mei really is. What are our impressions about Mei? Super professional and reliable service. Prompt and detail follow up. In depth market research with experience. Top-of-the-line advices and very nice to work with. This really makes our house hunting and listing so easy and smooth. So, we count on Mei to sell and purchase our next many houses."

Dan and Didi Malabuyo, San Jose

"We highly recommend Mei’s Services – Mei provided useful insights and meaningful advises and she was always accessible. We were very happy working with Mei."

Philip and Daphne Lowe, Saratoga

"We are delighted to comment on Mei, who had been our primary real estate agent for all our real estate transactions. She delivers with superb professionalism, diligence, and promptness to detail. She conducts the market research and home screening to save me much time as a buyer, and she also put forth the best efforts to stage the house to the showcase stage so that our house had the best chance for success. She also goes beyond her call of duty to ensure the satisfaction of her clients, with utmost honesty and integrity. We are so happy to be represented by Mei as a seller, and obtain great house purchases as a buyer."

Dr. Renata J. Scott, Los Gatos

"I first met Mei four years ago. Because of her professionalism, dedication, and great knowledge of the real estate market, I found and subsequently purchased a wonderful first home in Los Gatos. When it came time to move, I did not hesitate for a moment and contacted Mei. Even with the now difficult real estate times, Mei’s capabilities again proved invaluable. In addition, she was easy to reach whenever I had questions and gave trustworthy advice each and every time. Mei also kept me up to date on potential buyers, market trends, etc. which I truly appreciated. In essence, Mei worked tirelessly until my home was sold. In fact, her whole real estate team, from the stagers to the escrow officers, was fantastic! I truly could not be more pleased with my experience with Mei. She would absolutely be a great asset to anyone looking to buy or sell homes. Thank you, Mei!"

Winifred Shum and Byron Chan

"Mei Chan has been our trusted real estate agent for over 15 years. She helped us with the purchase of our first, second and recently third home. Mei provides the best service and advice any home buyers could ever want. I still remember as an “amateur”home buyer back in 2000, we were lost on what to do, especially in light of the craziness in the housing market during the dot com boom. Mei gave us her valuable advice and expertise. She was truly a strategic partner every step of the way from finding the house through to the final walk-through of the house. Whenever we didn’t know what to do during the home buying process, Mei was always there to help and provide guidance and advice, while letting us make the final decisions. With Mei, we know that she has our best interests at heart, making us feel at ease. She became a friend and a trusted real estate advisor along the way. My family and I would highly recommend Mei to anyone who is looking for a smart, knowledgeable, experienced, friendly, yet a trust-worthy real estate agent."

Jason Wu

"Mei helped us sell our condo and purchase a single family home seamlessly. Home selling and home purchasing can be a tedious process. Mei was with us every step of the way. She was always available to answer any and all questions we had. She went the extra mile to contact the right person to get answers back to us in a timely manner.

From start to finish, Mei Chan is the consummate professional real estate agent. We would recommend her to all family and friends in a heartbeat.

Jason & Grace"


"Mei is a very good staff, whatever follow-up with outstanding issues between buyer, seller, banker and other partners, and reminding time-line. Good temper, attitude and knowledge. Good time management."

Darin Law

"It is our immense pleasure to recommend Mei Chan as a real estate agent for any individual or family searching for the ideal home for their unique situation. We were comfortable in our 5-bedroom 2 story house. and at the same time she help us sold another hose get the nice price.

Mei had an initial meeting with us and took diligent notes regarding our specific needs in a single family home as well as our budgetary limitations. She is highly talented technologically and made excellent use of the relevant search engines and real estate databases to quickly find us a variety of homes for sale near school districts. She did not waste our time with homes that were out of our price range or not in line with our needs.

A master with the contract negotiations, Mei came up with a deal that was good for us and for the seller as well. We found Mei to be a highly attentive agent, almost as if we were her only customers, although we know that was not the case. She returned all phone calls and emails the same day. We never felt neglected or unimportant. She is also highly personable with an engaging personality.

We are pleased to recommend Mei Chan to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. She is hands down the best in the business in our opinion and if we ever need to move again she will be our first choice in real estate agents.

Michelle and Darin Law"

Steven Liu

"Mei Chan is a very detail oriented agent. She will do her best to find out the most reasonable market value and the location for your budget! She will also try to find any additional information to help knowing of the property more. "


"Easy to work with, good communication, has her client's best interest in mind, and always available. I would work with again in a heart beat. thank you!"

Chien Liu

"Mei just helped us complete our recent transaction in the last several years. I was helping my parents buy a condo for their retirement. It is an incredibly difficult buyer's market. She knew all the nuances and strategies and helped us win our bid. Without her knowledge, experience, and connections, we would still be looking.

Our thanks to Mei - couldn't have done it without you!"

Jeffrey Shih

"After having used other realtors over the years for a variety of transactions, I can honestly say that Mei is the best realtor that I have worked with. She has great depth of knowledge in the market and area, and has strategies that are on the mark for purchasing a new home. We were very pleased with all of the information and advice she provided us, and I would highly recommend her to anyone else looking for an experienced and effective realtor."